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Liking the caped icon logo ;)
Nice one! Thanks!
Go Hero Go is giving an awesome experience as a virtual travel concierge so far! The travel package and flight prices I have found have often been lower than what's available on other aggregate travel website. I've also spoken to the co founder @smdhruve recently and he has some great plans for Go Hero Go and I am confident it's going to do well! Best of luck.
@goelv Thanks Varun for the encouraging words
So far seems pretty legit, will give my experience after my trip is better booked. A couple of bugs here and there but nothing major
@pmlonglamoureux Thanks for the feedback. We are in the midst of releasing our version 2 which will enhance the experience couple of notches and fix some of the existing bugs.
Looks great! is this like Magic, with human agents in the background, or is it automated? What is the response time?
@srikrishnaholla it is a combination Human + A.I. Where currently A.I. Is sitting on the backend which has been learning since past 6 months but in coming weeks we will be pushing the bots which will make it more and more automated and in situations where it is less than 60% confidence ratio a human can curate that response. Plus Magic sits on an SMS we currently are on iOS, Android & Web but we are adding more that 7+ messenger channels for customers to talk to GoHero.