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Hugo NguyenMaker@hugohanoi · Creator of @gogochanapp
Thanks @dnosk for the hunt ! TLDR: GoGoChan is your personalized TV. Create your own custom TV channels by grouping together multiple keywords or topics of interests. I made this app because I found it inconvenient to always have to search and browse for new things to watch. I wanted something that would spoon feed me new content, just like good old television, but with a bit more intelligence and personalization. This app saves me the troubles of: - Manually browsing around / searching for new videos. All I have to do is define the keywords once. - Switching between different topics / sources of content. Keyword could either be a topic, such as 'election 2016', or a source name, such as a specific Youtube channel ('TheYoungTurks' for example), and I could combine them any way I want. - Filtering out bad videos. - Remembering which videos I have seen and which ones I have not. The app always starts with the most recent videos that I have not yet seen, making it easy to stay up-to-date on things. - Opening another app to see related social media posts. There's a backend bot that detects what a particular video is talking about, and find relevant tweets for that video. I can browse the tweets and open links (via an inline browser) simultaneously while I am watching. Cheers, ~Hugo
Daniel NoskinHunter@dnosk · InVision, previously Parallel, Dropbox
I met Hugo through CodePath, tons of hard work behind the scenes. Stoked that it is available on the app store!
Hugo NguyenMaker@hugohanoi · Creator of @gogochanapp
@dnosk thanks Daniel! stoked to get a Maker badge and join the PH community :-)
Barend@grooveplex · I follow back 💪
It looks really cool, but over the last 5 minutes, it has crashed about 7 times or so.. 😿@hugohanoi
Hugo NguyenMaker@hugohanoi · Creator of @gogochanapp
@grooveplex ouch... sorry to hear that @grooveplex 😿, let me investigate the crash reports and get back to you
Hugo NguyenMaker@hugohanoi · Creator of @gogochanapp
@grooveplex I figured it out, it was crashing trying to handle the retweets 😿 I will have a fix for it asap.
Hugo NguyenMaker@hugohanoi · Creator of @gogochanapp
@grooveplex hey Barend! I just pushed an update, let me know if you still see issues 😄 would love to hear more feedback from you