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Hey all - we want you to spend your time having amazing experiences, not searching for them on your tiny bright screen. Enter the new Gogobot App for iOS …a smarter way to discover places to go and things to do. The new Gogobot app uses a combination of contextual signals like the time of day, weather, location (if you’re at home or traveling) and your tribes (your personal style) to automatically recommend the perfect things to do or places to go. If it’s warm and sunny, we'll highlight the best places to get outside and take a hike. If its a rainy night we can highlight where to stay dry. Local events, weekend getaways, where to eat and more, all tailored to you. Give it a try and let me know what you think! And don't forget to upvote!
@traviskatz i've seen gogobot since it launched and followed you for a few years now - it has evolved a lot, just curious if I already use Foursquare, what can Gogobot do different for me?
@rickats Thanks for your question. We have a lot to offer that is different. Gogobot is much broader than restaurants - our goal is to help you make the most of your free time. We have built intelligence into the app so we understand your context - whether you're in your home town or traveling, your tribe preferences (think foodies, nightlife lovers, etc), the weather and more - and recommend the best local events, things to do, restaurants and even weekend getaways. You can plan a whole vacation - booking hotels and activities, and reserving tables for restaurants. Give it a try - would love to hear your feedback!
@traviskatz will check it out!
Man I love this new update! Very excited to use it when I travel in a couple of weeks to Vancouver. Looking for some awesome hikes and Gogobot always helps me find awesome things in the Bay Area <3 Congrats Zaid and team!
Hi ProductHunt community! I am a senior software engineer at Gogobot and worked on the backend & Devops for this product. This is one of my favorite features we ever launched since you don't need to search for anything, you simply open the app and based on you location, time, weather and other factors we will recommend you the best things to do around you. You can also explore other places "like a local" and get the same experience. So if you are planning a trip to Paris you can see lunch/dinner recommendations just like a local. Give it a try, let us know what you think. If you find any bugs or have feedback feel free to also email me: my name AT gogobot domain. also feel free to AMA