Uses Foursquare to take you on a restaurant adventure!

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Thank you Ryan! Hello Hunters, I'm Evan Laird, student entrepreneur and the Founder/Creator of GoEat. GoEat is a new restaurant/bar finder for iOS. Confirm your location, distance willing to travel, your price range, and few others and get matched with a top rated restaurant or bar thanks to Foursquare. Then either get directions yourself, through Apple Maps, or get an Uber. The catch? The app doesn’t reveal your destination until you arrive! I’ve spent 3 months teaching myself how to code from scratch just to create this app. I created GoEat because I’m the most indecisive person I know, especially when it comes to where to eat. So instead of having that boring argument of “I don’t care, where do you want to eat?”, I can have GoEat make the decision for me and go on a little adventure while I’m at it. :) You can check out the feature GoEat received on DigitalTrends at http://www.digitaltrends.com/mob... I would love to hear any suggestions, recommendations, and feedback any of you have and look forward to answering all your questions!
GoEat is a fun new app that lets you find new restaurants nearby. I recently moved and this was a great way to find a new spot to go out to eat without having to do any work beforehand!
This is awesome! I saw this featured the other day in digital trends and got super excited for it. Keep up the good work!
@brandonsfong Thank you so much for the support!
Congrats on the launch @lairdep23. I built a very similar concept called Bar Roulette (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) that is focused on bars. It appears that you are more positioned for folks trying to pick a restaurant. I'd be curious to hear the user feedback as people begin using your app and finding tasty restaurants. Good luck with the launch!
@tylerswartz Thank you very much! I actually saw your launch when I was in the middle of building GoEat and, although Bar Roulette is very similar, I figured we were going after a little bit of a different market. You did an excellent job building the app especially since you are a self taught iOS developer as well! I'd be happy to share customer feedback with you and would love to hear how Bar Roulette is doing!
Auto-playing video (and *not* muted) as well as a pop-up immediately asking for me to give my information. Bounce rate just increased by 1.
@lee_peterson will fix that immediately! Thank you for the feedback.