GoEat Me

Discover culinary secrets worldwide

GoEat Me is a global food and restaurant recommendation platform utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide users with personalised recommendations based on their preferences, habits and allergens. Now available in Switzerland, Vietnam and Singapore.
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We love eating but finding foods worldwide still remains a challenge since TripAdvisor currently have too many reviews.
@vietpham worldwide might be an over-statement. You are currently unavailable in London. Do you plan to expand your services soon?
@seb_r Hi! Thank you for your feedback, I just modified it to match the current status. Going global is our target and we are doing our best to do so. At the end of 2019, we will be available in UK :)
@vietpham thanks for the info. Look forward to your arrival in the UK!
Looks good but it's only available in two countries. How about sourcing data from Google Maps or other similar services and packaging them in a better UI that's more suited for discovery instead of building your own databases? That way you would be able to expand worldwide really fast.
@anna_0x Hi Anna, thank you for your useful comment. We will discuss that at the next meeting.