God of War 4

Kratos battles Norse gods & monsters while raising his son

God of War 4 is an epic PS4 exclusive featuring Kratos, a Spartan warrior who battled the Greek gods and took down Mt Olympus. Now living somewhere further North in an unfamiliar land, he is a father of a young boy Atreus. When Atreus's mother dies, the two journey to deposit her ashes, battling Norse gods and monsters along the way.

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Why is this hunted? Is Product Hunt just a marketing platform now? Should we just rename it to prnewshunt? EDIT: Upon review of the link provided - I believe it's an Amazon referral link, which makes this post doubly inappropriate.
@etc I don't work for Sony and I'm not sure why you're responding with such hostility. ProductHunt describes itself as "the place to discover your next favorite thing" which GOW4 easily falls into. I was excited to post about a game that I love and that others might love too.
@jasonshen That's fair. I can see how it was interpreted as hostility, but it wasn't intended as such. Sorry about that. The degradation of ProductHunt has been alarming and based on commentary I've seen, quite broadly noticed. E.g. A while back, a cpanel hosting service was being hunted and upvoted. If you feel a PS4 game belongs on ProductHunt, fine. I defer to the wisdom of the crowd. From my perspective, it seems like noise in a decreasingly useful PH. ProductHunt used to be about showcasing novel, ground breaking, apps, sites and products, however lately, it feels more like Pinterest.
@jasonshen @etc this is a pretty narrow view of what a product is. I've seeen podcasts, books, and other content posted on PH since the beginning. Why wouldn't a game qualify?
@jasonshen @jasonhitchcock You're arguing against a straw man. I'm not taking issue with it being a game in particular. As I stated before - I defer to the wisdom of the crowds. If PH becomes less useful to me, I'll just stop coming here. I'm not demanding PH or anyone do anything at all. I just feel like PH is starting to become more of a pinterest clone than a place to find new, novel products. (Interpret that broad classification how you will). With that said - even if you want to be notified of games - it seems a bit absurd to pedal one of the most marketed, anticipated and known games. If you're in the market for something like this, you've surely already heard it, especially if you already own the game system to play it.
@jasonshen Is this an Amazon affiliate link?
Great job !! 😊
This shouldn't be here. Also: Isn't this God of War 5 (if you don't include the PSP prequels)?

Haven't finished the game but loving all the lore, the fighting, cut sequences, and skill building.


Great story and action. Love the Axe. Being a dad has never been more badass


Not a problem for me, but for some die-hard GOW fans, Kratos may not be as angry or unforgiving as you once knew.