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Michael Gugel
Michael Gugel@gugelm · Co-founder, GoCo.io
Michael Gugel, co-founder and CPO of GoCo here. We built GoCo Team Feedback to address 2 problems for startup founders: 1) It's easy to know how your direct reports are doing, but it's harder to get a feel for the broader team. So we increased transparency and visibility on how the entire team was doing. You'll be able to hold your team accountable for having 1-on-1s and get a sense of how performance has trended over time. 2) There's a lot of managers out there that don't have a ton of training and no one wants to read a long book on how to do it right. We took the 80/20 of effective management (which is good communication) and made it super easy to execute. We'd love to hear you feedback!
Stephen Chip
Stephen Chip@stephenchip · Co-founder, Cruise.me
@gugelm Cool idea Michael! And you really can't argue with free, can you? Makes me want to check out GoCo now. (And I believe that's the point!)
Andrew Weibert
Andrew Weibert@andrewweibert · Senior Information Architect, AA
@gugelm This looks very sharp! Can't wait to give it a try
Jason J Wang
Jason J WangMaker@jongbeau · CTO and Founder
@andrewweibert let me know how you like it!
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
Hello, I have an alternative Use Case for a niche market you may wish to consider.. Educator's (& tutors) could benefit greatly by using your product.. By creating team profiles for all of their students.. & acting as the "manager" for said student profiles.. To engage their student regularly to make sure they are progressing appropriately in courses of relevance.. This would be ideal to ensure educators that their own personal teaching performance is optimized.. I hope this was beneficial for you to read. Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
Michael Gugel
Michael Gugel@gugelm · Co-founder, GoCo.io
@jay_bee12345 That's an interesting idea! We've been laser focused on solving the key issues for startups, but that's definitely an alternate user segment that we didn't really think about!
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
@gugelm I of course agree with & appreciate your target use case! Another idea is to pursue deals with existing business (of all natures, not just startups) managerial staff employers (ex: Sales, Retail, Labor, Construction, Entertainment, Small Business, etc..)! Another one!.. Personal Trainers & Sports coaching staff can use your tool to connect with clients/players.. From Children's.. Recreational.. Amateur.. School System.. Professional levels! Three more!.. In-Hospital HealthTech Solutions!: 1) Connect Senior Medical Staff with Doctor's.. Connect Doctor's with Nursing Administration.. & Connect Nursing Administration with general nursing staff.. Thanks again, Jaswinder Brar
Conrad Egusa
Conrad Egusa@conradegusa · Co-Founder, Publicize
Great job Michael! GoCo looks fantastic.
Michael Gugel
Michael Gugel@gugelm · Co-founder, GoCo.io
@conradegusa Thanks Conrad!
Nigel@rusdens · Product dev, Rusdens
Great looking product for a very important area of company development. Good luck @gocoio
Francesco Dulio
Francesco Dulio@adrenocortico · Founder, CEO & Developer, StayActive
Great job @gugelm ! GoCo looks fantastic! I'll try it and I'll give you feedback.