Location-based chat for Pokemon Go

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Hello everyone, we're looking for fund to keep it up, we're passing 500k users and we can't keep it up much longer, so any help with that would be awesome, reach Jonathan on his email: jonathanzarra@gmail.com
@yoloabdo congrats on the growth! 🚀🚀🚀 While not exactly a fund, we'd love to help as Layer (layer.com). I reached out to the email above.
Hey @yoloabdo, we've sent Jonathan an email! please check it out. I'm sure @spotinst can help you expand your infra easily!
Pokemon GO is blowing up, #1 in the App Store right now. Not too surprising to me, considering it's a much-loved, nostalgic brand with a very unique experience. Interesting to see this chat app reach #11 in the App Store, created by a guy named Jonathan Zarra.
@rrhoover So proud to see it here, really amazing how fast this app gone and i'm so honored to work on it with Jon! thanks for posting it!
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, much delayed thank you for the share! I'm Jonathan (the original creator of GoChat). I'm trying to add myself as a creator here, but am having trouble. Is it still possible to do so?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, you work fast! :D
Your MongoDB is dead.
@kevinace yup we're working so hard to keep it up, but the load is unbelievable atm, prayers for our guy working on it rn 🙏🏽
@yoloabdo @kevinace you better go take a loan something and hire 20 more guys to keep it going and grasp this opportunity to make it a huge success .
@yoloabdo @ironxcross Have you investigated Lambda + SQS for the general load/cost? There's been some unbelievably low-cost deploys on that stack.... Best of luck getting funding!
@mallyvai @yoloabdo Not sure what all the GoChat guys are using. Sent a message to Jonathan but no reply yet, I'm sure he's quite busy. Would love to chat though. For my app I use what I've been told is a fairly unique stack for this sort of thing :) Spent a lot of time researching spatial search options before building it out. Would love to move to something like Lambda but it won't be anytime soon. Also would have used Pubnub if it was as built up when I started the whole thing. Things move fast, and it's easy to get stuck going down one stack when building something out. Cost of switching is always high even when things are designed to be nice and modular.
Tried to create an account several times but kept getting errors :(
This is really interesting. I'm such an idiot, I've been working on location based chat (CityBee) for a while now and I didn't even make the connection between it and Pokemon Go myself!
@ironxcross well, we've 500k users and we need some fund and of course we can use some technology stack, if you're interested