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Hi everyone! I’m Justin and I’m part of the team that created GoDaddy’s brand new product GoCentral. GoCentral is the first website builder designed especially for mobile development and management that also includes integrated marketing and e-commerce tools, helping you build a fully-functional site in under an hour.     We realized it is often still too difficult to get your ideas online. We found that the current batch of website builders out there are overly complicated and tend to sacrifice usability for design. To solve this problem, we decided to create a product mobile-first that works well on web across mobile, tablet, and desktop. GoCentral features over 1,500+ website categories for users to choose from, professional photos from Getty Images, and a suite of SEO, social, and marketing tools to help drive traffic to your site. Would love to hear any feedback or answer any questions! Thanks!
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@wassaii If I was interested in Shopify as an ecommerce builder, how would GoCentral stack up? Is this a Shopify alternative?
@tjwise_ @wassaii If you’re just starting out, GoCentral is a great alternative. We’ve streamlined the process of designing your store so it takes just a few minutes - in fact, we see a lot of folks have a live store up and running within a day. As part of your GoCentral store, you get a super mobile friendly site, a fast checkout (Apple Pay, Paypal One Touch), and some easy ways to drive more traffic to your store (send a grand opening e-mails automatically created from your website content, or FB page that links to your store). It’s great for those new to e-commerce b/c of it’s ease of use and built in ways to attract more customers. If you’re interested in trying out we have a free trial for 30 days with no cc required up front so you can check it out (and let us know what you think) with no risk.
Congrats on releasing! I had started Happytables back then (used to be a website builder for restaurants), and found it was incredibly hard finding the right balance of UX/features for business users. Did you guys rebuild everything from scratch again (starfield)? If you're focusing on UX, how are you able to ensure semantic websites (as I'm assuming you're not forcing the user to provide context)? Thanks!
@noeltock Thanks Noel! It's definitely been a tough balance and yes, we did do a full rebuild for this one. We've had about 40,000 published beta users where we were able to learn and adjust into a better balance. Within our UX, we do have semantic intent baked in as well in addition to validation on the backend.
@wassaii Thanks for the reply, that makes sense, good luck with the product!
This is a neat idea, but I wonder if you're positioning this as a "creation" vs. "update" product... I suspect most business owners likely own a PC/Mac for running the business, maybe a set of tablets for running some aspects of the business (such as Square or some inventory management LOB app), and then a phablet/phone for day-to-day activities... With that in mind - I suspect the most efficient creation is still happening on larger form factors; and what would be killer is a mobile friendly "editing" experience - changing hours, updating inventory, correcting mistakes, etc. Is that right? Or did you find mobile creation is a thing, and I'm just behind the times?
@cancom10 Hi Can-- you're right. When we spoke to customers, their initial bias was to build their initial site on a larger form factor device (e.g., tablets, laptop). When we asked how they wanted to keep their site updated and fresh though, they really wanted to be able to make any changes on their phones. We decided to enable all of these cases and built the entire thing mobile-first on web. That way there's no heavy native app download experience, people who want to throw up a quick simple site using their phone can do so, and users can choose to build/edit on whatever device they want. We made sure that anything on the site could be updated via phone rather than constraint it to a few very specific areas. That said, we're hoping the initial mobile build becomes a thing as this gets easier as well.
Excited to give this a go! 😍