Goby Language

Inherits from Ruby, extended with Golang

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Hi Product Hunters! Remember there was a language called Rooby, which said it want to help developing microservices more efficiently? In the past few months it quickly evolved and it’s now called Goby 🎉 Today we are here to announce the release of version v0.1.0! It's already functional (but not production ready) and includes a lot features, including builtin REPL (igb), multi-threaded server, DB library, plugin system (which allows you to extend Goby with Go's library!), manipulating Go objects directly...etc. And the website itself (http://sample.goby-lang.org) is 100% powered by Goby 😎 Hope you guys can give it a try and give us some feedback. And if you want to follow Goby's news, please subscribe our newsletter through website's submit form :-)
Hey, congrats on the launch. 👍 Fun fact: Cauliflower is called 'goby' in Urdu language. I thought it was some food app. 😃
@moinism Haha, maybe I can use Goby to build a food app someday 😎
We already fixed some issues found in v0.1.0, which makes server very vulnerable. Please upgrade to v0.1.1
Cool! How does it compare to Elixir for example?
@josefrichter It depends. Here's some points: 1. Goby will be more familiar for Ruby developers than Elixir. Its syntax is 100% Ruby compatible, which means you can paste Goby code to Ruby without any syntax error. And Goby is an Object-Oriented language, which's Object system is 90% like Ruby's so you don't need to change to functional programming mindset when you use Goby. 2. Goby is written in Go, which is a easy-to-learn language. So I think contributing to Goby might be more easier compare to contributing Elixir (I heard that erlang is hard to write. 3. Goby focuses on integration with Golang, while Elixir focuses on Erlang. But I think as Goby keeps growing they will have more differences. Hope this answers your question :-)