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Goby set out with the goal of making premium oral care more accessible and affordable. Goby launched it's first product, the Goby Electric Toothbrush, in October 2016. Since launch, Goby has was awarded the 2017 Men's Health Grooming Award, named by The Wirecutter's as the Best Subscription Toothbrush, and receive numerous other accolades.

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Hi Friends! I'm the CEO and Founder over at Goby. Goby offers next level oral care, starting with our first product, the Goby electric toothbrush, that seamlessly fits into the modern consumer’s life. We designed this product for you. Goby provides the tools you need, exactly when you need them, so you can maximize every minute you spend brushing, all at a fraction of the price of the competition. Happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Happy brushing! Ben
@benjamin_goldberg congrats on the launch. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, which makes us the best of friends. Let's have some fun out there while taking down the cronies that are big toothbrush!
@uphillmma Thanks Jeff!
Love the product. I wonder how it'll compare to my Oral-B.
@jonathanmoyal Say goodbye to nasty residue build-up the Oral-b stand is notorious for.
@benjamin_goldberg you know I was just cleaning my brush and the stand this weekend - wondering why no one had figured that out yet!
@benjamin_goldberg @jonathanmoyal The stand, so true! Have to wash my stand really often otherwise it looks so dirty. Will keep an eye on the Goby as I live in Japan and this wouldn't work for me.
This is the first-ever electric toothbrush I've used and I love it. My teeth are actually visibly cleaner. And it comes in hot pink!
@myuliyam Thanks Yuliya! So happy to hear you love your Goby.
Good god, that site has excellent product demo shots. Looks rad - I might have to subscribe. @gobyhq @frank_denbow @clairebearburke @benjamin_goldberg
Thanks Elizabeth! Let me know if you have any questions.
I like the product, simple design. The site needs some work, it's actually hard to buy the thing! Also consider offering pairs
@diegozaks1 Hi Diego! Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate the feedback on the website. Please let me know if I can help clarify anything around the site. Want to make sure you have as seamless of an experience as possible.