Find someone traveling to same destination and split fare.

Peer-to-Peer Ride Sharing Platform
A platform for users to find, match, connect and share a ride together in real-time.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Some of the best things about this app: 1. Very intuitive GUI. 2. You can see the price estimates of popular cabs vs GoBunc right where you choose your location. 3. Very easy to use. 4. Keeps your privacy as a priority. 5. A group of very dedicated people working round the clock to help users have the best experience.
Hello folks, Felt really stupid to pay high cab costs one of the days, when I had to travel to the same location as my friend was going and I got to know about it later. I thought there is a need for a method/platform to discover not only my friends but people traveling to similar location who can share the ride together(medium agnostic ) and divide the costs => Started GoBunc. Starting with airports to downtown, we are adding more city based clusters. We have recently launched and are updating locations. Feedback/suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you!!
@kunalsandeep Whats the difference between this and a Lyft shared?
@john_mccants Hey John! Lyft Shared/Line is more of owner's vehicle dependent. We are vehicle independent. Lyft decides a shared price, we don't. Our users just get to save 50% of it, if shared between 2 users. Imagine two users matched on our platform uses Lyft to further divide the cost to half.
@kunalsandeep Ohhh I see what you're saying, that makes sense. I could see people using this
The best part is, in sharing the cab you just not save on your pocket but also the traffic and pollution will be reduce. Think global, act local.
Very creative. Helps save particularly when there is a surge fare
I feel this is the future and sharing is what helps people save money as well as resources ultimately..will definitely use this app..awesome UI/UX