The Citymapper bot

#3 Product of the DayApril 09, 2016
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LOVE Citymapper (when I'm in a city that has it) - always my go to. I feel like I dont know if a bot for this use-case is the most efficient way. I loved the interaction of it but usually its just a few taps on my phone to get directions. Would love to hear from someone using this regularly vs the app :)
@bentossell if it gets built into FB Messenger and I don't have Citymapper installed, it'll be faster. 😁
@chrismessina would totally work if all I typed in was "London Kings Cross" and it gave me the routes. I dont need bots to be nice to me and butter me up haha
@bentossell @chrismessina I totally agree, Ben, that took a loooong time. Here's how I would imagine a bot experience to work for Citymapper: Bot: Hi Me: Hi, I want to go to Union Square Bot: You can take the 2 or the 3 from where you are. (bonus points: If you want to walk less on this end, you can also take the 1.) Me: I'll take the 2 or 3 (or just click one of the options) Bot: Here's when they are arriving at the nearest stop to you, and there's a map in case you need it.
@bentossell more of a marketing thing right now really seems to me. Although could be fun to have it for real as a Telegram/FB Messenger/etc. bot that would send me to Citymapper app with the route pre-selected based on my replies. Brave new world.
I've got to side with @bentossell, I use Citymapper in Berlin, London and SF and would use it everywhere if possible. The bot seems very gimmicky and slower than opening the app and picking your locations. Maybe they'll bring it to their apps. I still wonder what the right interface for bots is. Pressing a button is faster than writing text, what about speech or using native APIs like GPS etc to enhance a bot. Bots are exploding, @rickats is correct, but what is the best use case ?!
OK, sorry but how is this a bot? It's just a normal step-based interface glued into some sort of fake conversational UI with buttons instead of real textual responses.
Citymapper is the perfect example of a product that gets value from its UX/UI. It loses value if you remove the interface.
My only quibble with the app itself is I feel like I've saved a bunch of routes or commutes that are supposed to appear on my home screen, but then they only appear there sporadically, if at all. If somehow the bot could always remember precisely the same "usual" routes in the morning and at night, I'd find it helpful!