Natural nootropic for jitter-free energy with no chemicals

GoBIG is a natural energy shot fueled by guarana, a plant used for centuries by Amazonian tribes. Guarana, a natural nootropic, provides a smoother, longer lasting energy boost accompanied by enhanced focus and mood. Finally, an energy drink without all the chemicals. We'd love to get you a free sample for feedback as we wrap up development.

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Thanks @linglieats and hello everyone! Thanks for checking out GoBIG, a functionally better energy shot made from just a few, natural ingredients. Our journey began when my co-founder Vivi, who is from Brazil, suggested I start taking guarana to help me start my day earlier. Guarana is a seed from an Amazonian fruit that’s packed with a naturally slow-releasing form of caffeine as well as cognitive enhancers such as theophylline and theobromine. It was by far the best energy product I had ever taken, with clinically supported focus, mood, and cardiovascular benefits. The energy drink and nootropic industries are dominated by companies peddling beverages and pills filled with artificial ingredients. We thought it was time for a better, natural alternative. If you'd like to try our first three flavors, sign up for our pre launch on the website. Then send an email mentioning that you are part of the PH community to hello@gobigenergy.com. We will make sure you get a sampler pack. Your feedback on the product as we finish development would be incredibly valuable.
I've been regularly drinking GoBIG since joining the company last Fall. This energy shot has quickly replaced my daily coffee routine as it provides a much smoother energy boost without making me feel anxious. The blood orange ginger is my favorite - a really refreshing citrus start to my mornings. I've also really enjoyed mixing it with sparkling water for an energizing beverage to sip on.
Is it for sale? Doesn’t look like you can order on your site. If so, what’s the point of posting this on PH? Harvesting emails?
@evankimbrell not for sale yet. We're giving away free product for feedback. If you sign up and send an email to hello@gobigenergy.com we will get you product as soon as our sample run is completed.

You definitely should try it! I loved it!


Amazing entrepreneurs! Great idea!


I can't think of any