Airbnb for baby-gear-on-the-go

Hey Product Hunt! goBaby is a peer-to-peer marketplace for baby gear rentals. We built goBaby to reduce stress on traveling families. From strollers and car-seats to scooters and beach toys, families can travel light and rent the necessary gear from locals at their destination. We just launched goBaby in NYC and are hoping to expand rapidly into other popular travel destinations. We want to provide families with access to the sharing economy via an intuitive mobile platform, where parents can rent anything they need from local community members either on-demand or in-advance. At the same time, we offer local parents an opportunity to make extra income by renting out equipment they already own. Many families find themselves with lots of no longer used baby gear that they are not ready to give away. goBaby provides such families with a monetization opportunity. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have. Please email me at natalie@gobaby.co. Thank you very much!
@natalie_kaminski @gobaby Very cool idea. I was just talking to my friend who is coming to NYC later this month about borrowing some of my gear but the logistics of her picking it up and returning it was kind of a pain (she's staying on the UWS but then finishing her trip in BK). How does delivery/pick-up work? Is that decided between the parties?
@joannagiselle @gobaby excellent question! goBaby offers several modes of delivery - the owner may offer delivery for an extra charge, the renter could opt to pick up the item, or the renter could use a built-in integration with a delivery service (disclaimer: coming up in our next release :) ).
Cool new product launching today. The app offers mothers and fathers, as well as grandparents and caregivers, an easy way to rent strollers, car seats and other items they need for their children during trips. No more lugging cumbersome baby gear.
Very, very nice idea. My wife and I are currently trying to work out how to get 2 babies under 2 (and all their gear) across to Germany...
@kid_desimo I feel your pain! Hopefully, goBaby will come to Germany sooner than later. Thank you for your feedback!
@kid_desimo airbnb! some places have cribs/gear ready for you.
@joannagiselle @kid_desimo of course. Some do, and many don't. Also, as a mother of two I can attest to that kids need a lot more than a sleeping place, at least mine :)