Goat Simulator for iOS

One of the most viral games on PC comes to iOS and Android.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
If you're feeling a little down, play Goat Simulator. The PC version was hunted 6 months ago by @machinehuman and received a lot of internet attention. Now you can play on the bus, on the toilet, and in the coffee line. Innovation:
andrew konoff
andrew konoff@andknf · full-stack pancake
Words cannot contain my excitement for this.
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu@imkevinxu · Hacker @ Stripe
If you have 28min to burn, check out this Let's Play of the game, one of the most hilarious videos I've ever seen
Brock Kenzler
Brock Kenzler@brockkenzler · Design Director at Josephmark
I'm getting this once iOS 8 is finished installing.
Jacques van Heerden
Jacques van Heerden@jacquesvh · Retired Media Entrepreneur/Investor
It's amazing to see what the world has come to see as being entertaining. You're playing as a goat...