Simple, private URL shortener for teams

Goat is a private URL shortener for teams. Make memorable and easy-to-share links just for your team using our short URL, ga.tc.

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Nice work Octavore. How does this compare to something like Bitly?
@daviswbaer Thanks for the kind words! Bitly links are public, so if someone creates bit.ly/wiki, that's accessible by everyone, and no one else can use that keyword. With Goat, links are private. This means your company can have a ga.tc/wiki link that points to your internal company wiki, and this link is only usable by people in your company (it requires login to use). Another company can use the same 'wiki' keyword but have that point to their own wiki.
@daviswbaer @octavore Nice. I use capsulink right now for almost this exact thing. So I can definitely see the use here. Great product!
Love the concept - nice work!
Looks nice!