[UPDATE] Available on App Store.

Hey ProductHunt !

Goaly is an app to track your goals the way Ray Dalio describes in his book Principles.

1. Have clear goals.

2. Identify the obstacles

3. Accurately diagnose the problems to get at their root causes

4. Design plans that will get you around them

5. Review and redesign

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Interesting approach, @anshul :) Any plans on making this for iOS?
@amrith Sure. Its infact built on react-native. Just don't have the App Store account right now.
Very interesting approach, Anshul. Gonna install and try the app. Thanks!
Cheers for doing Android first, more people should do the same.
Any plans to bring this to a browser or a desktop app? I run my business from my PC and limit how much I'm on my phone to increase productivity.
@cody_alexander2 Sure. Will try making a web / desktop app too.