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Hadn't anticipated Google Calendar riding the self-tracking movement, but I guess it makes sense! Where else should be tracking your health and fitness progress than in the app you revisit on the daily? Starting today, you can connect Google Fit and Apple Health to your fitness goals in Google Calendar. When you do, activity in your favorite fitness apps will be recorded and used to mark your goals in Google Calendar as “done” automatically. Would be cool to see Lift and other goal-trackers and goal-coaching apps be able to integrate with this.
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@chrismessina almost all fitness trackers connect to google fit / apple health and can connect via stepping through those. are there major goal tracking apps? plenty on here of course but I can't think of any with as wide adoption as fitness.
@ggnall Except, sadly, I still cannot get FitBit and Google Fit integration. WHY?!?!
I've been using this feature for awhile to schedule going to the gym. wish my 4sq checkin would mark it off but I guess there is something satisfying by manually tapping "mark as done"
@msg yea - isn't that the whole point? :)
Glad to see they're integrating the features from Timeful after acquiring them last year. Really enjoyed the smart scheduling features of Timeful, particularly for learning-new-skill type goals that might slip through the cracks if you don't set aside dedicated time for them https://gmail.googleblog.com/201...
I've been using this for a while. The only issue I've faced is that it doesn't allow users to schedule their own goals...
@farbodsaraf Tried using it twice, eventually gave up. Somehow their magical AI doesn't seem to understand I don't want to schedule workouts in the morning. Timeful was great at this.