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When are they going to update the web interface for Google Calendar?
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@shimmb really! that's the question!
Finally my favorite features from the app Timeful are back! πŸ˜€ Google acquired them in May of last year then shut them down. I guess Google was working Timeful into their own software. Either way I'm happy it's back. Timeful really helped me keep working on my habits and I actually felt like it worked, unlike many other "Todo list" apps. TechCrunch wrote about the Google Acquisition here β†’ http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/04...
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@gabriel__lewis How did Timeful help you keep working on your habits? Never got the chance to try it.
Looks like an awesome feature but I just checked my Google Calendar app and I'm not seeing it. My app is fully up to date. Has anybody actually seen this feature in the wild?
@mikkelmarius yeah even i cant see it...if i am missing something, pls let me know.......cant wait to try this
@mikkelmarius Same. Not seeing it in there on iOS. Most likely they put it out on Android first.
@punk_cakes I'm on Android. So it seems like it's just not released anywhere. Weird.
@mikkelmarius Generally new features are rolled out gradually to more and more accounts over several days, I'd guess that's what's happening here.
Maybe it's time to move back from Sunrise :)