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Let me share the WHY behind the goalmap app... When I finished my studies, I started to work in an investment bank. I got shocked! All these young and bright people who joined with me were getting lobotomized. The marathon runner was growing fat eating takeaway food at his cubicle, the intellectual girl wasn't reading anything else than the Financial Times anymore, etc. We were starting to all look alike, using the same jargon, wearing the same suits, tamed by the all-nighters. I had always had this ideal of a balanced life with sport, artistic activities, etc. So something felt wrong. I got worried to lose myself, my values and my dreams. This happens to a lot of us when we start to work. We lock our dreams in a box "for later" and we end up forgetting about the box. My mental survival instinct kicked in and I built a spreadsheet with all my life goals broken down into quantified sub-goals that I could track and follow over time. It became a compass and a mirror for my life. At the time, self-quantification was not trendy and people were giving me a weird look when they heard about that "crazy goals spreadsheet". But the mindset changed and self-tracking became more acceptable. People started to ask me questions about this personal development spreadsheet I had built. That's when I realized that it was time to share the tool and method which had helped me stay the course over the years. I put a team together and we built goalmap which we launched in December. It has been a most exciting journey and it's just the beginning!
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@damien_catani would you ever share the template for that spreadsheet? ;)
@bkrall I must admit I had never thought about that ;) I should consider it!
@damien_catani Hi - I actually just built a spreadsheet to track my habits and measure them a few weeks back - like you have here :) def going to download the app and share with my FB group! Big excel geek.
Hello all, thanks @collinmathilde for hunting our app! We're delighted to have goalmap featured on ProductHunt. goalmap is an app to set, track and reach goals. It has a very flexible goal-setting module which allows you to set any type of goal: recurring goals (daily, weekly, etc.) or long-term goals (e.g., lose 10 lbs by year end or get an MBA), simple goals or complex goals with multiple sub-goals (e.g., have a healthy lifestyle = sleep >7h/day + eat > 5 vegetables/day + exercise 3 times/week). Feel free to ask any question you may have! We're here for you ;)
Looking good guys. I'll give it a try.
@jacquesvh Cheers Jacques! Would love to hear your feedback. Don't hesitate to ping us.
there are so many habit trackers and goal setters, and google just released their 'goals' feature. are you guys feeling the pressure or are you getting a lot of users?
@jeffrey_wyman To be honest the pick up has been pretty decent, we got c. 15k users in just 3 months without advertising. Maybe thanks to the French angle (we have a French version). Hopefully it's also because our app brings something new to the mix ;)
What about #squadgoals?
@tikhbana Hi Tikh - that's a great question! We definitely have group goals in the pipeline but we really want to optimize first what we have already and add a couple of features before we go social. Realistically, we're talking about first social features in Q3. Our aim is to build a full ecosystem of self-realization.