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Goalie is a tiny app I made for tracking daily goals of mine. It's also kind of a new take on a similar web app I made in 2010 called Streakly. Streakly really should have been a mobile app from the beginning. So, enter Goalie. It's just a fun side project for me, but I have some ideas I want to flesh out in time. Hope you enjoy.
@kylebragger nicely done! Just downloaded and looking forward to trying it out.
Great to see Goalie out in the wild, @kylebragger.
love this. I find that Lift is just too much app; I've tried using Jake's Standards too but…who has a printer anymore?
@jongold Jake does :-) And thanks! Glad you like.
Fun! Downloading now. Had you tried stuff like Lift before? What were the main things that didn't work for you and what's the philosophy behind Goalie?
@innonate I have. I just wanted something that wasn't social and had a singular focus. The group motivation stuff is great but just not for me.