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Goalhacker is a project hub for you and your team that makes it possible to organize all of your project-related documents into one space. This includes documents, notes, tasks and all documents from other critical tools your organization relies on.


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Yaroslav DunaevMaker@yaroslavdunaev · One-man band
Hi Product Hunt! Goalhacker is my pet-project. While working as a Project Manager, I wanted to have a lightweight app that would allow me to keep all my project-related documents, to-dos and notes in one place that can easily be shared with my team. I also wanted to easily take and keep notes on the go. I needed a simple yet effective solution. In the end, I made this app myself. I think this will be useful not only for me. I hope you like it and I'm excited to get your feedback :)
Kiran Kunigiri@kiran_kv · A guy who makes cool stuff.
This is a really cool product @yaroslavdunaev! The design and animations are slick and look really nice, and it has lots of useful features. Love the calendar integration and the nice spaces and collections features, and inviting other users is also really useful. However, I also found a few bugs. When adding a new item and choosing the Image or File options, the "Vote for feature" modal just shows up instead of letting me add something. Also, on the overview page, it still uses your name instead of mine (ex: it says "Good Night Yaroslav"). Other than that, awesome product! It's definitely one of the best new tab extensions I've seen.
Yaroslav DunaevMaker@yaroslavdunaev · One-man band
@kiran_kv Thank you for your feedback! Adding images and files is not ready yet :) Sorry for other bugs. I'll look into it right now.
Yaroslav DunaevMaker@yaroslavdunaev · One-man band
@kiran_kv The issue has been fixed. Google Chrome will update the extension in 60 minutes :)
Göktuğ Okan Oğuz@goktugoguz · goguzo
Most of the features are not there yet... asking for feedback. MVP is not giving nothing or an idea and collecting feedback. MVP is giving something that works with basic features and asking feedback. I see there's only notes and todos feature working. Adding files, pictures etc is just has its place but not working.. a bit disappointing. Couldnt delete my account either. Best of luck !
Yaroslav DunaevMaker@yaroslavdunaev · One-man band
@goktugoguz Thank you for your feedback! I will add mentioned features soon.
Nelly Kam@nel_kamai · Remote Product Designer
Neat! I liked "todo" part, but I already have wunderlist, that syncs on every device. So I don't know) Why there is a list of tabs? Didn't figure out what to do with them Suggest to hide "Delete" btn below pictures, as it is very confusing May be I would use it for just one pet project, as this will always be on the top of all tabs Cool UI! 😘
Yaroslav DunaevMaker@yaroslavdunaev · One-man band
@nel_kamai Thank you! About list of tabs. Just drag and drop tab from list to collection to create bookmark :)
Ahmet Serdar Karaca@fotografiumcom · Head of Content @fotografium.com
Awesome UI and functionality. It will be amazing as soon as you add the features that you want us to vote. It would be much better if you added those features, and ask for feedback after we see how they work.
Yaroslav DunaevMaker@yaroslavdunaev · One-man band
@fotografiumcom thank you for the feedback! I'll write you a message when I'll add this features :)