Accountability partner bot to set monthly goals.

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I decided to make this to use as a monthly goals reminder / tracker. Lots of people think about goals in terms of a year or a day, but I find the former to be too abstract, and the latter to be too short - I get stuff done every day, but it’s only over a few weeks or a month that I start to see the compound results. The bot itself is based on ChatFuel: I had to find a few workarounds as it has lots of constraints, but overall it was a pleasant experience. GoalBot will ask you what 3 goals you want to set for the current month, and then ask you about your progress every saturday. If you’re stuck, it can suggest helpful articles and other resources. I want this to help you get things (that matter!) done. If you have any question about the bot or the process, ask away!
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James FutheyFounder @MeetingRoom365
This is a really cool idea. Congrats!
Sean OliverConsultant

Featured in wired but the domain is expired.


cool Idea


Domain expired

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Since I do not have facebooks. Do you recommend any similar application with my iPhone?