Goal Contracts

A simple and effective way to keep your goals

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2020
Goal contracts are a simple and effective method for committing to goals in a clear and accountable way.
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Awesome and lovely interface ! Plus you launched it at the perfect time ....
@probeta Ah, yes! The timing. Couldn't agree more.
👋Product Hunt. Goal Contracts is a side project I started but never really finished way back in 2017 (I didn't have a goal contract for it so catch-22?!). What is a "goal contract?" Well, it's a simple mechanic for committing to and keeping your goals. Goal contracts are useful because: 1. They force you to articulate your goal clearly and tangibly 2. Help you articulate the steps you'll take to accomplish your goal 3. Have a commitment moment built-in (signing) 4. Are easy to share with others if you need extra accountability (you probably do) This launch is an MVP for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works for you and your goals. I've got a TON more ideas to make this more useful, but for now, I've accomplished my first Goal Contract of 2020. Happy new year! https://www.goalcontract.com/goa...
Congrats on the launch 👏 This is really cool and easy to use.
I created a goal for today and hence selected today's date as the finish date. Now my goal already shows up as completed. Ideally when selecting the same start and finish date it would stay in progress until midnight in my timezone.
@yapartase Thanks for the feedback! Just pushed a fix for that 👍
Looks great Mark! I look forward to seeing the progress of this.