Goal Ahead

Progress bar that helps you achieve your goals πŸ“ˆ

Want to save up for a large purchase? Or do you want to achieve some other measurable goal. You can always see on a progress bar how far you have gone and how much is left.
Goal Ahead is a quiet reminder on your screen. Keep on striving toward your goal!
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Love how clean and direct it is. App icon changing is a nice touch too
@fedorguryanov by the way - since you just launched, I actually have a service where for $12 you can ask 100 random people a question, and then follow-up and interview them based on how they answered. https://scoops.io/. If you're looking to figure out who to market Goal Ahead to, or you just want to test the concept or get some feedback you could ask "How often do you miss your daily/weekly goals?" or "Would you pay for an app that tracked your progress towards your goals?" Anyway if you try it out let me know, I'll give you $12 in free credits to get that first question free. Best of luck otherwise. Hope I can help!
Hi, PH community! This app shows your progress progress to the goal on your home screen or on your Apple Watch. Want to save up for a large purchase? For example, a house, car or education. Or you want to achieve some other measurable goal. For example make 300 workouts in a year. This motivation app will help you πŸ’ͺ Just set your goal and track progress. I am happy to be featured on ProductHunt. Feel free to leave comments :) Thanks!
Looks nice! I feel like the price is a little too high tho… Got any of those Product Hunt promo codes? @fedorguryanov
@yaserahmady The price includes support and future improvements :) But PH promo-codes is a nice idea! Here is five promo-codes. One for you and four more for those who need them: NXNR3EHXYPLP E6X6H79FJJEL MALFRXMMRRJ6 WTKMPKPK6PW7 MWA7RK7APWP4 ( who already have bought this app - write me direct message this month, I'll give you a promo-code for my other application 'Hintapp', so you don't get upset :) ) Please leave a feedback and write me if you find bugs or have an improvement ideas. I already have one review on AppStore and I will implement features listed in it.
@fedorguryanov thank you! Redeemed MWA7RK7APWP4 and my SO redeemed MALFRXMMRRJ6. I see that right now the price doesn't match the value provided by the app, €0,49 would be a fair price for it. But if we're talking about future development I have some ideas. Let me start by saying this: the best feature your app has at the moment is the extreme straight forward minimalism of the app icon reflecting your goal's progress. It's so unique that your app will absolutely be in my homescreen or dock. (I'm tracking my Instagram followers and my goal is 10.000, I'm at 6.187 right now) Some feature ideas: - Input historical data: I'd like to put past accomplishments but I can only put amounts starting from today. - Growth today/this month/this year: like +500 (+3%) - CSV export/import - Edit amount: we can only delete right now - Negative amounts: sometimes I lose followers - Multiple goals - Named goals - Switch to different goal: we only have 1 icon so we'd ideally have to switch goal - Different types of goals: incremental (like now); days since (1000 days since last smoke); … - Graphs: something simple like Quantifier - Shortcuts support: not Siri Shortcuts but real Shortcuts, I guess even just a URL scheme would do - Sounds: would be great for UX These are the suggestions on top of my head, if I think of something else I'll shoot you an email! β™‘
@yaserahmady Thanks! Some of this improvements will appear right in the next version of app ;)