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Manage your chrome tabs easily when you're multitasking

Are you a digital packrat? Specifically, are you the type of person that has 50 browser tabs open all the time? πŸ’» Then this extension is for you πŸ”₯

Want to be an Efficient multi tasker πŸš€

Press Ctrl (or) Command + K to open the extension, Navigate with arrow keys and press Enter to move to the tab ✌️

Happy Multitasking ❀️

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18 Reviews5.0/5
Nice but if I may suggest a few features that would make it better. The extension only seems to list tabs available in that one window. It would be more useful if it also listed, under a separate heading what is in other Chrome windows. I would also like to see how many tabs are open in this window and all windows combined.
@graphicdesignny Thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely add it soon
@graphicdesignny The multiwindow functionality is added. Do try it and share your thoughts πŸ˜€

This is a fantastic, elegant approach to tab management. Just needs keyboard navigation support so I can interact with it faster.

Update: One more thing I noticed. When closing tabs using the extension, the window will close after each tab is closed. I wish it would stay open.


Great design, simple, does a good job at managing my tab chaos


Could use a keyboard shortcut and arrow key navigation, so I can fly through without touching the mouse.

Hi @actuallylanden I have made a few enhancements and included the things you requested. Keyboard navigation is possible and closing the tabs won't close the extension.
This needs a hotkey to open it, kinda like spotlight or slack's jump conversation. I'd say cmd+k would be cool Also, autocomplete + enter. As soon as I type a few letters and I press enter it should take the first value in the autocomplete. Honestly this should integrated natively by the chrome team, good job Praveen
@wololodev Thanks a bunch. Will definitely try adding a hot key and keyboard handlings.
@wololodev Added the hotkey Command (or) Ctrl + K to open the extension. Also navigate with arrow keys and press Enter to move to the tab. Waiting for you to try it out and share your feedbacks :)
@pravidinesh6 Is there anything that has to be done for the CTRL+K to work? Right now it takes me to a "Search Google" feature in the Address bar... which seems to be a built-in Chrome feature.
@odsamuels It seems to be working fine. Can you try changing the extension key for this addon. To do that, 1. click on more option at the top right of the screen 2. Click more tools--> Extension and scroll to the bottom. 3. Click keyboard shortcuts and you can set any key as hot key for this extension.
This is such a great idea, going to install it now. I feel like I need an entire separate application/dashboard to manage my 100+ tabs.
Looks super helpful, but would be AMAZING if it had all PC's logged into chrome so that tabs in one are available in all logged in Chrome sessions. Thanks!
Also, if closing a tab didn't close the window, that way closing multiple could be a smoother process.
@jonberry Thanks. Im not sure if its possible to have tabs from all PC's logged in session. I will check the possibility of having the popup open when closing tabs. πŸ˜€
@jonberry @jonberry I think the app has to make people log in using their Google account to do this. That would also lead to some traction and marketing for you.
@tolothere that makes sense about the Google account, and yeah, that would give the devs a list of verified users. Win/win. I've been using it all day and really like it.
@tolothere @jonberry You can check the tabs in logged in devices by clicking the more icon at top right of chrome then inside history you will find tabs synced from other devices. But devs wont be able to use it as of now :(