Go Surf

A relaxing game which experience of riding an endless wave

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Ozgur Ozer
Ozgur OzerHunter@ozgrozer · Software developer
dimitar inchev
dimitar inchev@idmtr · Team Coworkies & StartupBerlin.co
@ozgrozer Y did you posted this on moday Monday:) I have work to do:)) The game looks awesomely nice!
Ozgur Ozer
Ozgur OzerHunter@ozgrozer · Software developer
@idmtr I'm sorry :( you have to wait until your job is finished :)
Anup Dhirwan
Anup Dhirwan@dhirwan · EventBaazi.com
Not a big fanboy of Games but must say it looks really relaxing as it connects with my love for the beaches. When is Android version scheduled for launch ? :)))
Michael Aleo
Michael Aleo@michaelaleo · CEO at NAV
With a $2.99 pricetag I feel like I can lay down some critique. This looks like an amazing idea, but where it seems to fail for me is that unlike Alto's Adventure, it lacks the simple but sophisticated graphic and sound design that makes AA so unique and calming.