CHEWABLE COFFEE just got a whole lot better πŸ˜‰ πŸš€

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I'm excited to try these. One of chief complaints about the previous version was the inability to pick a flavor. They definitely work better than coffee. β˜•οΈ
@gabriel__lewis thanks for the longtime support !
Three key upgrades for @gocubes that we're launching on its first birthday: 1.) Reducing acid content via new cook process = highlight natural coffee flavors. Go Cubes are ultra smooth and taste better than ever. 2.) You can now choose your favorite flavor! My personal favorite is mocha, but latte is a big favorite of rest of my colleagues. Pure drip is a classic. 3.) expect the same energy and cognitive performance and the convenience of coffee in your pocket.
@geoffreywoo these are great! Picked up some at the A16Z party at SXSW. Have found them to be a great little boost in the afternoons after all the late night partying! The taste definitely send improved over 1.0 (which I brought to Burning Man).
@chrismessina always tinkering and improving. It's the biohacker way
I imagine these are going to sell like hotcakes at SXSW? Yeah, I bet there's coffee every 15 ft. in Austin, but I think everyone needs more than a cup/hr.
@kunalslab I am at SXSW and they are popular here. Everyone appreciates having yummy precise little GO CUBES in their pocket.
i tried v1. why pack 4 in one bag? once you open it you the others dry up quickly. did you improve the taste?
@ourielohayon Every 2.0 pack comes with a neat sticker, which you can use to re-seal your pack if you already have one on your laptop πŸ™‚
@geoffreywoo cool. would be better in individual wraps. like gums/candies. how about the taste. did you change/improve it? the current one leave a weird after taste
@ourielohayon We greatly reduced the acid content and boosted the natural coffee notes. This version truly tastes like a sweet, creamy cup of coffee in gummy form!
@geoffreywoo good to know. i think it was a good start but would not buy a second edition if taste was not seriously better
@ourielohayon i'll personally guarantee that 2nd edition taste is materially better. email me at geoff@nootrobox.com if you don't like it and i'll refund.
Need to try this!