Gummy coffee bites for cognitive performance

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One of the creators of GO CUBES here. Thanks @to for hunting this! The broader team and I are excited to bring taste of coffee and the convenience of gummy bears to the science of nootropics in a clever new way. We'll be hanging around to answer your questions today!
This is perfect. Too much coffee is killing my teeth.
The field of nootropics (cognitive enhancement) is finally emerging as an area that both scientists and companies care about. I'm a big fan of the team at Nootrobox who are leading the way in providing scientifically validated, cognitive performance supplements.
Huge fan of Nootrobox, but I have to admit that I missed the taste of coffee in the morning. Nice to see that now I can get that too. Awesome work guys, excited to try it. Ordering my first set now!
@eglyman thanks for the kind words and feedback!
I take a rise almost everyday, and it's great. Super excited to try out some cubes since I never have time to get coffee in the morning.