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A site for rock climbers to post climbs as well as find cool climbing projects to tackle next!
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Congrats with the first app! Feedback: Now I see only 5 places. Maybe add 100 more at least?
@andreyazimov Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it! I definitely should have seeded it with way more data. I am definitely learning a lot from this process.
@andreyazimov I will work on it tonight! I will have to find a good way to do it because otherwise it would take days to do each one by hand.
@phillip_chaffee I would do it manually. I think you can do it in one day. But to write a scraper you can spend weeks on it. You can always make automation later if people need your product.
@andreyazimov Very true. Thanks for all your advice! I really appreciate it.
I love climbing and haven't found any great place on the internet to find/share climbing projects, so I created one! I wanted something that was easy to use and pretty to look at. All feedback is welcome and encouraged. This is my first project so I have a lot to learn. Thanks for taking a look!
@phillip_chaffee Neat idea, think people might be bored with the overwhelming-ness of MountainProject (I assume you know of them). Would love to see how ya plan to grow this idea as a fellow climber. I am always interested in new areas (in SoCal anyway ;) )
This is a great idea. My wife climbs and something like this would be very useful when she travels to a new place to research local climbs.
@iannuttall Thanks! That was the idea behind it.
This is awesome 😎