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No reviews yet streamlines the content marketing process by allowing you to find already-published articles for your audience to engage with and easily push it out to your readership via one-click social media sharing, scheduling to your Buffer account, or publishing to custom RSS feeds, all from one dashboard.
How does this compare to other platforms out there already? Including ones like Quuu Also personally feel there is a lot of text on the landing page which puts me off
@bentossell thank you for the feedback. We will streamline the landing page. Appreciate the recommendation. Most platforms require the users to either hand curate sources (e.g.feedly) or count on humans to curate (e.g. Quuu). The fully automated solutions provide excessive noise (bad results), so much so that than finding the content manually becomes a better option (e.g. Google Alerts, mention, talkwater). Gnowit is the only platform that employs semantic analysis to suggest relevant articles. In real-time. With a supporting workflow that enables actual value to be extracted from this effort, and which works with existing tools employed by content marketers. We capture around a million unique documents a day, and can filter by sources (and their reputation), appearance of information in your personal social networks, and a number of complementary AI full text analysis that dial up the accuracy. We even beat google at their game (albeit the google alerts product, as opposed to google search). We pull in data from crawls directly, rather than relying on RSS feeds. For users of Hootsuite, buffer, Sprout social, MailChimp, constant contact, or those who want to run focused wordpress sites for affiliate marketing purposes, Gnowit is perfect as it focus on relevance first, curated from a real-time, near-comprehensive, always updated body of web content (updated within 1 to 5 minutes of publication).
@skhanyz @bentossell Can you please mention an example in wich affiliate marketers could benefit?. Seems like a good product.
@vabustillos @bentossell Victor, thanks for the question! can easily be used within the Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel with an eye on engendering trust & positive reputation. As you know, some Affiliate Marketers suffer from a reputation stigma due to the sheer volume of posts out there that simply don’t do a good job of separating the good from the pack. Using our product, you can easily repurpose valuable content and, using the Edit function, drive traffic to your Affiliate links accordingly.
Can you add custom sources like if i want to track content behind paid wall or any industry source ?
@haseeb Thank you Haseeb for asking this! We often add sources based on user request. All the user needs to do is contact our team and let us know where they want to get their information from, and we work with them from there to provide the most focused industry content to them possible. For sources behind paywalls or user subscriptions, we work with users and the sites on a case-by-case basis to arrive at a solution.
Awesome love this!! Great job guys!
Congrats on the launch!