You focus on learning, we'll take the notes.

#3 Product of the DayJune 29, 2019
A web app and chrome extension to take notes on YouTube Videos. This is in it's beginning stages and I'm looking for feedback. Thank you!
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Great job!!😊 Why don't you add these in video players of all content? This could help in solving a lot of questions
@ayush_chandra Thank you!!! Currently YouTube provides the transcriptions, however I'll look into expanding this for video players in general.
really like this. could end up producing some real good user docs from this.
As a middle school teacher, I can't wait to try this with students in the fall!
Looks fantastic! Can you tell me the shortcut keys for a Mac? The video directs me to hit Shortcut-M. TIA
Never mind! It is Function-M. Should have tried a few things before I asked! Great extension here!
Link not working!
@armand_paz Sorry to say that Google as taken down the extension. You can still goto and search for the videos manually though.