Gnosis Safe

The first smart contract-based mobile wallet on Ethereum

The Gnosis Safe is a multi-signature Ethereum wallet providing users with a convenient, secure way to manage their digital assets and interact with the decentralized web.

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It makes me feel really safu!
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Pro: Seamless UX to store my crypto on a mobile wallet. Really awesome job Gnosis! Con: Wish I had this sooner
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Moritz Neto
Shapeless, Formless, Like Water 🌊
🎉The Gnosis Safe is a LIVE. Android app and Chrome browser extension available at: 🔑As the first smart contract-based mobile wallet, it drastically simplifies interaction and integration with applications, becoming the premiere tool to enter the decentralized web. 🐙Multi-factor authentication means that no one else can gain access to your funds, even if your private key is lost or compromised. 🏄🏻‍♂️Onboarding made easy—simple wallet setup, and transaction fees can be paid using the wallet's available ETH. 💥Seamless user interface abstracts complex concepts such as gas limit, gas price, or private keys that often unnecessarily hinder user experience. Read more at: Built by: Gnosis Gnosis builds new market mechanisms to enable the distribution of resources—from assets to incentives, and information to ideas. Gnosis is built on Ethereum, a next generation blockchain protocol enabling advanced smart contracts.
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Tobias Schubotz
Product Manager @gnosisSafe
Hi Product Hunt 👋, I'm Tobias, Product Manager of the Gnosis Safe. Along with Stefan George, CTO of Gnosis, Richard Meissner, Tech Lead of the Safe, and an amazing team of developers, designers, and marketers, we've built the first smart contract-based Ethereum wallet for mobile. The Gnosis Safe provides anyone—both new and advanced Ethereum users—with a convenient, secure way to manage their ETH & ERC-20 tokens and interact with the decentralized web. Why is this a big deal? Decentralized wallets today use externally owned accounts (EOAs) on Ethereum. EOAs are controlled entirely by a private key—the only thing that stands between you, the user, and full control of your wallet. This means that if your private key is lost or compromised, your funds are no longer secure. Imagine that if you lost the password to your bank account, you'd lose all your savings! The Gnosis Safe is here to change exactly that. Operating entirely with smart contracts, the Gnosis Safe offers multi-factor authentication for transactions, meaning that no one else can ever gain access to your funds, even if they steal your private key! Similarly, in case you lost it, you still remain in full control of your wallet: Each transaction must be signed by the mobile app and a secondary device (via a browser extension). Therefore, your Safe can be controlled from multiple devices, without any device ever having full control over your funds. Being built entirely on smart contracts, the Gnosis Safe allows for additional features in the future, such as advanced recovery methods beyond manual private key backups, and improved integration and interaction with decentralized apps. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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Very necessary product. I’d love to see more integrations with other wallets too.
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