Create collaborative Spotify playlists with rules

Gnarlist is a web app that allows you to create and manage collaborative Spotify playlists with rules. Stay in control at all times by setting genre, artist and more. Just log in with your Spotify account – of course it's free.
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👋Hey Hunters! We just launched Gnarlist – a web app based on Spotify. With Gnarlist you can create collaborative playlists with custom rules and filters. Never again country music in your party playlist 🙄 👉 You can simply log in with your Spotify account 👉 Create playlists with rules and filters for genre, artist, release year and more 👉 Share them privately with friends or publicly with the Gnarlist community 👉 Follow other playlists and contribute your favorite songs. The playlists are synchronized in real time with your Spotify library. Gnarlist stays free forever, so just go to and get started. What's your though on the available filters? In the future we would like to add more filters like beats per minute. Anyway, we look forward to your feedback 😊
@linus_bruns Congratulations on the launch! I think if you can add pre-made, yet obscure playlists, you can solve this need gap - 'Lyric based music playlists' posted on my platform - You're welcome to join that discussion and explain how your product can solve their problem for your customers to find your product easily.
Sounds and looks great guys! I'll try that immediately...
@flatnorth thank you! 🙏
LOL @ the video
@rrhoover Yeah, we are pretty happy how it turned out.
All those people who create playlists just lost their jobs haha