Currency converter in augmented reality with voice dictation

GMoney is an augmented reality currency converter that calculates the exchange rate by simply pointing your camera at a bill.

  • Pros: 

    Augmented Reality, convenience, fastens the process of checking out (or calculating) the current exchange rates


    Maybe, I'll find them in the future (e.g. there won't be updates in the exchange rates), but now everything is ok

    A great app to instantly check out the currency exchange rate using the app camera. Want an Android version to be released so that Android users can also try it.

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  • Pros: 

    полезно, легко и хорошо работает


    пока не нашла, но ищу

    Приложение помогло в дороге). Быстро распознает купюры, что радует. В нём мне понравилось, что обычный конвертер валюты можно сделать по-новому. Круто. Вышло увлекательно и полезно для жизни.

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Hi PH! I'm the developer of the GMoney. Maybe you know my last project - GHeight. So I just continue develop arkit apps. Some months ago, one of my friend comes to Minsk. And one time he need to use belarusian banknotes, but he do not know it, because use only credit card and uber. So i decide to develop app, which recognize banknotes in AR. App is based on ARKit. You just need to place banknote in camera focus. I am also add feature, where user can hear result, like dictation. Thank a lot @mortenjust for inspiration! Happy recognition! P.S. I prepare some promo codes for community. Please reply in comments, when get it. Feel free to ask code or write feedback in comments FLYM7PXPYTH4 WRHKPHTPF37L XYEM3AA76RN3 73MY3FRF3PFM EEFKKMNEPENT TPXYFPTPTX34 6PWYWWXHNW3K EA3XHJ4HJRAK NEXXL9LJTAME HAPEEXFMPTNK
@mortenjust @khatsiashou_aliaksandr nice idea! Can we use it for our new product with coins (you can check out on today's Newest section - Sofy AI)
@mortenjust @khatsiashou_aliaksandr I just posted it in steemhunt platform. :) This is very useful for travelers which it can works offline.
@mortenjust @alex_shorohov Thank you for feedback! I also plan add coins recognition.
Another fun app made in Belarus 🔥 GMoney is a nice app for trips that allows you to easily check the exchange rate without inputting any numbers.
@micrum Thank a lot for hunt!
Wow! My granny fell in love with it! She has been messing around for half an hour already!
@andrei_bandarenka Yea! It is my pleasure to help you granny
You made such a tangible apps, please continue😉
@raman_andryianau Thank you, Roman! Of course i will update it.
Such a cool product hunt money 😄