Gmoji = Gif + Emoji

Hi guys - thanks 👍😌 for the shout🗣 out. Definitely thinking about a keyboard🎹 extension... ⏳⏳⏳
@jack cool find. Does this offer a keyboard extension? I think that's critical to drive daily use. Ps: I just joined 500 startups as an advisor and I believe we've interacted on the Distro site. I'm the co-founder of
@asalamunovic not sure, but the founder previously made another keyboard: cool. yeah, I use the 500 startups dashboard site now and again
This product is awesome! Here's a gmoji the founder sent me (he sold his last startup for $350mil, so now likes to pass the time by making emoji gifs):
@_jacksmith thanks 😯👍 jack!
@bruinengineer : why did you build this? as I mentioned, you sold your last company for a few hundred million, so what motivated you to work on this project, which seems a bit more niche
@_jacksmith some friends and i were bored 😝
@bruinengineer fairplay :) and what's your favorite gmoji that you've seen created so far?
@_jacksmith ah wish i could post gifs as responses on product hunt feeds. Since I am generally not good at coming up with jokes - the gmoji feed provides some great starting points - I enjoy that.
@bruinengineer you actually can post a gif as a response. you just need to use html code to embed the image. like how I embedded product hunt reset gmoji above (hosted the image on dropbox, then embedded it in my comment) the code you need is basically just an img tag pointing to the src
Downloaded this a week or so ago, I like it! My gif response rate to my many group texts has improved tremendously 😜✌🏻️
@micahletts cool thx🙏😌 any suggestions on improvements?
@bruinengineer No worries! 👍🏻 I don't know a lot about building an app like this so I don't want to come off like making certain integrations is the easiest thing in the world, but it would be cool to not just have a trending list but also a list for gifs that have been popular, some reaction gifs and "deal with it" gifs for example. I would suggest changing the font to Impact as well and making it white with a black line border. Just some thoughts, I don't want to be the ass hole guy who tells you how to build your app. Cheers!