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Gmelius lets you manage your customer and project pipelines directly from your inbox, while empowering your team with tools for collaboration and automation like shared inboxes and shared labels, shareable sequences, templates, project boards, and more.
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Using for pretty long time, gmelius is in my top10 useful add-ons list and a great product for gmail users. and wonder why google did not copy some of killer-features or UX improvements 😃
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@tolgaarican Great to read @tolgahanarikan. How could we make Gmelius even better for you? What's missing?
@florianbersier since Google announced that they will terminate Inbox by Gmail; you guys should add some of Inbox features, which I find very useful such as "Done" button directly to Done folder (i know in gmail there is an Archive button btw) or even better an option list to choose which buttons I want for mail item actions, or grouping inbox mails by monthly bases in Inbox, or UX touches to the items again for better readability .. etc..
@tolgaarican Our mobile app is taking a few UX features from Inbox as we think the latter product was really nice from a mobile perspective. If you're an Android user, you can give it a go at: [iOS coming soon]
@tolgaarican You are a productivity savant I see. Noted, I will pass it to our public roadmap. If any other suggestion pops into your mind - I'm all ears!!
Bonjour Product Hunt, and thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! Gmelius is a new kind of CRM, designed from the start to fit the modern workflow of SMEs. It is light, easy to use, collaborative and lives right inside your main communication hub: your inbox. Gmelius started as a side-project during my PhD out of the frustration of managing research projects and scholarships from my inbox. It then grew from an MVP to today’s product by constantly listening to our customers and understanding their workflows and pain points. Doing so, it became quickly clear that today’s world mostly offers CRM solutions that are too complex to use for non-sales people and too expensive for the average budget of an SME. This led to a situation where, in 2018, an SME must use a panel of different SaaS services to manage its communications and workflow; a sales automation tool to organize its outreach (e.g., Yesware, Mixmax, Mailchimp), a second service to follow its projects and clients (e.g., Trello), and at least a third service to keep its team in the loop and nurture relationships with its current customers (e.g., Zendesk, Hiver, Front, Google Groups, etc.). Thanks to a holistic approach, Gmelius offers an all-in-1 and consolidated solution which covers all the stages of our customers’ workflow. You can automate, monitor and optimize your outreach with sequences, campaigns, email tracking, templates... build and follow pipelines thanks to shared Gmelius kanban boards, and nurture customer relationships and collaborate with your team thanks to a shared inbox, shared labels and email notes. Everything has been developed and designed to be as much intuitive, inter-operable and easy to use as possible. But don’t take my word for it and give Gmelius a try! The whole team is looking forward to welcoming you aboard. Please also feel free to share your feedback, ideas, suggestions or questions here. We’ll do our best to answer any single comment. Last but not least, to celebrate our PH launch you’ll get a 25% discount on all our plans shall you decide to become a customer in the coming 7 days :) Just use the following coupon at checkout: PRODUCTHUNT18 **Curious?** Here is our public product roadmap: **Adventurous?** We launched a few days ago a beta mobile app for Android (iOS coming soon):
@chrismessina @florianbersier I love the product, although I don't use many of its CRm and collaborative features. I wonder if an e-mail UI is best. For example, if you receive an e-mail and it requires an action, it makes sense to use a Kanban board. On the other hand, if the Kanban boards are going to manage my tasks, it feels a little weird to create a task from scratch in my e-mail.
Thanks @johnfaig! Kanban boards are primarily used to convert conversations into cards and get a visual overview of your pipeline / clients communications. Those are especially useful when the Gmelius boards are shared with members of your team, making possible to keep everyone in the loop.
@chrismessina @nayiaki @florianbersier I think if you guys were to add inbox bundles somehow, you'd get pretty much every inbox holdout to come over, especially if google doesn't implement it. Also I know firefox is on your roadmap. any idea on progress with that?

I switched to Gmelius from a competitor earlier this year and I could not be happier with that. I rediscovered some CRM features that I have missed before. Highly recommend.


Tons of useful features, I love it and the Gmelius team is always listening to their users.


None so far.

Hey @prodibi_olivier! Thanks so much. How could we make Gmelius even better for your daily workflow?
It is an innovative technology for the CRM process. It makes CRM smarter than harder.
@debarati_ghosh thank you for kind words and your support. May I ask what Gmelius could implement to make your specific workflow better? What would be needed as an option in our toolset for an HR Manager?
Amazing UX improvement and CRM integration!!! I believe it will really useful for most people here!!!
Thanks a ton @teddd. We invest a lot of time and efforts in our UI and UX to make the solution as easy and intuitive to use for our customers.