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@thetylerhayes - whoops! Fixed the link. Silly codes.
Credit goes to @ev for this hunt after reading his short Medium article, This little-known app from Google helps me do my email a lot faster. I live in Gmail so anything that can speed up my workflow will have a demonstrable benefit.
Been using Gmail Offline app for years. Every time I get on an airplane I use it to catch up. Just have to remember to open it beforehand so it syncs all my latest emails too. I can't use it most times though like Ev does, because I need Right Inbox and Streak. It would be great if Google either removed a ton of the crap that bloats Gmail now and improved the design so it'd be faster like Gmail Offline, or allowed extensions like Right Inbox in Gmail Offline (unlikely and really a bad idea from all perspectives). PS: Looks like the Medium link is broken (I think PH is hijacking the @ev in the URL and trying to turn it into a Twitter profile link.
I prefer this UI to Gmail's standard.