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Seamlessly fluid, desktop email client for Mac (Kickstarter)

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They claim to be the first 'true' desktop email client for Gmail and all I can see is a web version of Gmail running in a native wrapper?
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@avdgriendt +1. It looks like it's a borderline scam. Sure, it's neat that they allow notifications and that dropdown, but it looks that that this is more of a scam than anything. 18 months is over the top for a project like this.
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@avdgriendt FWIW I use the Radiant player for Google Music quite a bit, which is just a native wrapper I believe. But that was simply so I'd stop killing my music when I accidentally close all my tabs.
@avdgriendt Hi Andreas - As one of the guys behind Zive's Gmail for Mac, I thought I might chime in and maybe answer your concern. First, while there are a few apps out there that have made a quick buck by putting Gmail into a somewhat clunky stripped-down browser, calling it an app, and selling it, that's not what Gmail for Mac, by Zive is. In fact, we really dislike that approach — our frustration and disappointment with exactly those kinds of apps led us to make our own. (1) Why are we calling it the first “true” email client for Gmail? Because our app actually _is_ a full email client like Sparrow or Mail, but with a browser component. Wrapped around the browser portion that you see (more on that below) is a desktop client, hidden away, that enables various critical pieces of the app’s functionality — (1) for email - account access, instant notifications & account updates, notifications for only important messages, aspects of messaging features, etc., and (2) for seamless desktop integration - this is critical. We’re deeply passionate about making a high-fidelity desktop experience for Gmail like has never been done before. This means windows to compose your messages, integration with the OS environment so you can interact with it like any other desktop application. This is very detailed work and no one’s ever done it before. It involves 100’s of small details that combine to create a fluid and seamless user experience — so you can do things like have compose windows to write messages, hide the inbox, drag attachments on your messages without a strange dialogue, use Gmail as your default email client and have it actually work reliably that way, use global shortcuts to do awesome things you can’t do on the web, have menubar access to things you do constantly, etc. (2) Why do you still see the Gmail web interface inside the app? We did this deliberately. I promise that's not spin - there’s no way outside of the browser environment to give you full access to all of Gmail’s powerful features — google-powered search, keyboard shortcuts, plugins like boomerang and rapportive, labels (with correct nesting, colors, etc), google labs, correct threading, important flags, huge attachments, filters, and many more — are inaccessible through any Gmail API. Sparrow came closest to the maximum of what you could do using Google’s APIs without going to the web interface, and they basically just allowed you to access labels with randomly assigned colors beyond what Mail/Outlook do. Even their threading and unread counts didn’t match Gmail’s. (3) Why is even that piece not just a vanilla browser? The slice of our app that has browser functionality is heavily and very thoroughly modified to specifically and powerfully support Gmail alone, in way you can’t do if you’re trying to serve the whole web. This is extensive, but one of the most obvious pieces is our ability to support Google Drive to attach huge files reliably, and our flawless way of enabling multiple accounts that are dramatically reliable to the point of you never having to worry about them working, like in the browser. Use Gmail in Fluid or Mailplane, and you’ll have lists of basic Gmail features that you’re advised to turn off for stability issues, themes break the UI, you get warnings about using the wrong inbox, sign-outs and crashing. With us, everything works - every detail, and legitimately better than in Chrome which has to serve every possible website and has legitimate technical limitations we don't. The net result is a seamless and fluid experience for Gmail, on the desktop, which you can use just like Mail or Outlook, and with ALL of Gmail's power. It's something we've poured our hearts and souls into for some time, and we truly feel it can dramatically improve the Gmail experience in a way that hasn't been done by anyone before. Hope that clarifies a bit - Eric Shashoua (Founder)
@nhbschr @avdgriendt Hi Noah - One of the makers of Gmail for Mac, by Zive here. Thanks for your note! I can assure you we're not a scam, nor in this to make a quick buck :) Take a look at my reply to @avdgriendt below, should explain much of the intricacy that went into crafting an app specifically for Gmail that is extremely robust, reliable, and extends it powerfully into the desktop environment as a full email client. It honestly takes a lot more than a browser to do that well. Promise we're not trying to rob you :)
@eshashoua if you're providing "full access to all of Gmail’s powerful features", does that include "seamless desktop integration" for Calendar, Contacts, and Google+ (specifically Hangouts)?
I already have Gmail for Mac. The project name for it is
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@kevinace If you're happy using Gmail in the browser, then that's fine. That's works for hundreds of millions of people. This is a desktop app to keep Gmail out of the browser, which is what some people want.
@clayhebert Why do people want this? Security? Ease of access / launching? Features that a browser cannot provide?
@kevinace Lots of people prefer a desktop experience over a browser experience. If you've ever used Outlook or similar, the desktop app is more powerful than the browser. Other people want to check their email without opening a browser. Others really want an icon in their dock or to be able to Alt+Tab to it as another application.
They have great points. But most is done within a wrapper indeed. One thing I don't understand, they need $20k for final testing? Why so much?
Too little too late? What about compatibility with Google Inbox?
I like the idea of this a lot. A whole lot. I backed MailPilot on Kickstarter back in the day (still have my mug!) and I've spent a fair amount of money on various Gmail-to-Mac "wrappers." I'll say what I said to the Gmail for Mac guys when I spoke with them briefly: I'm concerned about the name. I think the name is a major problem - even more than some of the interface stuff. I don't think it's necessary to be called Gmail for Mac and I think that having that name is going to be problematic. I don't see Google NOT going after something like this, no matter how good the legal rationale is. And if they do, Google has enough money to shut stuff down. So again, I like the idea. I hope this will pan out. But I'd much rather see this called something like Zive for Mac, with Gmail Support or some other name than Gmail for Mac, powered by Zive.
@film_girl totally agree. The branding is going to be problematic without a doubt.