Gmail Focus

A Chrome extension to focus on your email

Gmail focus masks the titles of all your emails except the first one, so you can go through your email without thinking what'll go next.
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👋🏻 Hi ProductHunters! I'm Miguel Piedrafita, a 17-year-old maker ⏲ I built this extension in an hour inspired by a tweet by @cgenco ⚡️ It has really helped me to go through my emails faster without thinking about what I need to do before I actually need to do it. 🙌🏻 Hope you like it!
@m1guelpf 17 years old!? That's amazing. I hope to see a Firefox version eventually.
@m1guelpf fantastic idea man! Btw, what app is that you use in your 2nd screenshot?
@le3ky It's GrooveHQ
Firefox version needed?
Looks awesome! Trying it out!
@le3ky It is Groove HQ. An app for customer service/support.