A library of original monochromatic icons and symbols.

I've been working on this personal project for almost a decade now and I will continue to work on them as long as I can. It's mixture of essential icons and symbols for everyday design work, designed to withstand fancy design trends and to be easily recognized worldwide even years from now.

Nadezhda Kos
  • Nadezhda Kos
    Nadezhda KosMarketing Manager, Sarafan Tech

    finally the library with amazing icons


    can`t find

    I`m working on 3-4 slide decks in a week and I waste hours for icons search. Thanks, makers, for this amazing job! It`s a perfect collection!

    Nadezhda Kos has used this product for one day.
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Davey Heuser
Davey Heuser@daveyheuser · Product designer at Intercom
Amazing work on these and congrats on the launch! Have you considered adding IconJar support for these? 😄
Jan Kovařík
Jan KovaříkMaker@jankovarik · Freelance graphic designer
@daveyheuser Thank you Davey. I was playing with IconJar for a while, but I decided to invest a more time in to the inbuilt search directly on the website (which now includes a lot of search tags and categories). If I'd found a way how to convert these data to the IconJar and more people will request these files, it's possible they will appear in some of the next updates.
Liam McKay
Liam McKay@liammckay · Co-Founder & Designer of Yummit
Always loved the originals, great to see this beautiful update too!
Jan Kovařík
Jan KovaříkMaker@jankovarik · Freelance graphic designer
@liammckay Thank you Liam, I appreciate it!
Sab Khasanov
Sab Khasanov@s_khasanov
Awesome icons for everyday use - thanks!
Jan Kovařík
Jan KovaříkMaker@jankovarik · Freelance graphic designer
Brand new website, all icon sets recreated from a scratch and many other changes set a new direction for the whole project and I think that the best is still ahead of us.