Your Location, Your Friends, Your Terms

great idea. definitely fills a need. but has a very 2008 feel to it. makes me think of loopt. could definitely use a design overhaul and simplification of the product to realign it with its core value proposition.
Thanks for the feedback - we're always working on updates to improve the experience!
hey @gueritaverde, can you us more about the story behind glimpse - how / why did it come about, and what's the ultimate vision for Glympse?
Sure! The idea came about when the founders (Steve and Bryan) were testing out ideas for their new app - geotagging pictures. They realized that it was much more useful to see the trail then actually having the pictures geotagged! The ultimate vision is to have everyone use Glympse as the noun or verb when they talk about location sharing - our app is already in the head units of cars, on wrists worldwide and making moves to be lots of other places as well, so we're excited to see location sharing grow and to replace every single "where are you?" text!
This app has saved me from so many back and forth texts / calls of "where are you?!" Great app.