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Gluru is a little like Google Now but for business. When you launch it, it tells you the meetings you have that day and - importantly - the people you'll be interacting with. Click on a meeting, and it'll show you all the relevant documents in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and more that are pertinent to that meeting. It has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve too: Check out my full article on VentureBeat for the details (
@therealsjr - exciting day for the Gluru team, thanks for the add on product hunt and review Stewart!
Great stuff, congrats @timporter1000 and team. Just wondering: are you planning an iPhone version as well, or is the iOS SDK too restrictive for the kind of interactions you are building?
@cam_pj , thanks PJ! iOS coming soon - we'll keep you posted. In the meantime if you're not on Android you can use the web app at