The simplest way to capture, annotate and share screenshots.

Yay! Happy you like it! I’m excited to announce that I’ve been working on Glui 2 for a while now and it’s almost ready for submission to the App Store. The goal with Glui 2 was to make something even faster and better, but just as simple. If you want to give it a try you can download the beta here —> New features include: - A new and cleaner UI - CloudApp integration - New annotation tools (oval, line, overlay) - And much more… Note that Glui 2 is a complete rewrite, requires OS X Yosemite, and will be a paid upgrade.
If you were a fan of Skitch pre-Evernote acquisition, you'll love Glui.
I use it a lot and it's great. It lacks one simple feature: a URL shortner for the links it produces after the upload. Seems minor, but the links you get from Dropbox are huge.
I use Skitch all of the time. Does anyone know how this compares?
@IAmPhilSharp I found that Skitch over the years got more bloated and complex. When I couldn't find an alternative that was simple and snappy enough I created Glui.
Very cool. Another similar product that I use (without the sketching capability, but with video recording capability) is Jing. (