Teeth whitening personalized to your smile

glowup. uses an online quiz to personalize the perfect whitening formula for your teeth. Our formulas are enamel safe, pain-free, and can whiten teeth up to 8 shades in just 5 minutes a day. If you’re not satisfied with your formula you can tweak it anytime!
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Hello hunters 👋, We started glowup. because the one-formula-fits-all approach doesn’t work for teeth whitening. Your teeth are unique, and whitening products that might work for others could be too strong for you and cause pain, or too weak and aren’t effective. glowup. is the only whitening product that is tailored to your unique smile. glowup. takes into account dozens of factors like your teeth’s sensitivity, brushing habits, and diet to create the most effective whitening formula for you. We use the same enamel-safe, FDA approved ingredients used by your dentists and deliver comparable results at a tiny fraction of the price. We’re 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and use natural ingredients such as chamomile and menthol where we can. And if you’re not satisfied with your formula you can tweak anytime so it’s perfect for you! We started the company in our dorm rooms at UC Berkeley and have since reached international scale bringing brighter smiles to customers in 1206 cities across 25 countries. Use the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout for another reason to smile! Free shipping included 🎉 Business Insider: “The most affordable and innovative teeth-whitening solution” BuzzFeed: "More convenient, affordable, and, perhaps most important of all, not at all irritating." Mashable: “Super simple and kinda fun, to be honest” Thanks for checking out glowup. and feel free to email us at if you have any questions!
This looks promising! I love the look of the website