GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension for detecting tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack OverFlow

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Hey hunters, We’re back with a new feature of GlossaryTech’s recruiting toolbox. Today we’re excited to introduce you our GlossaryTech Chrome extension. Intended to be your recruiting assistant, you can always use GlossaryTech when sourcing technical talent on LinkedIn, GitHub, or StackOverflow. In fact, you can use the extension to master tech terms on any website, e.g. Wikipedia ;) Here’s what it actually does: - Detects and highlights technology terms on a web page just in a few seconds. - Provides their easy-to-understand definitions in a small overlay. - Filter found tech terms by category (Front-end, Back-end, QA, etc.). Each category has its own color. The extension is absolutely free. It’s still early days, so we’d love to hear your feedback, and answer any questions you may have.
A 🔥 product even for self-education. Don't stop, keep on moving! 🚀 Looking forward to new features from you guys 😃
@diskevich We'll do our best ;) Thanks for hunting us today!
Great product guys - always good to have tools which close the gap between technologists and the people who recruit them!
@hunglee Thank you for the kind words, Hung!

I would definetely recomment it to my teammates


Makes the life of every tech recruiter easier


They should add more buzzwords

This is absolutely amazing. I think this can help many people new to tech recruitment switch from looking for buzzwords to actually understanding what people they are looking at are experts in. And it's free. What's the catch? Do you have any premium level-paid services one could sign up for?
@m4zur Thank you so much for your feedback! The trick is there is no trick ;) It's absolutely free. The GlossaryTech was originally designed for our own use. But being actively involved in the recruiting field, we also cannot remain aside of the "gap between technologists and the people who recruit them."