A contextual filler text generator for Mac

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Mo Bitar
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
It's always baffled me how we spend so much time on every small detail of our designs, then hastily copy in Latin filler text that doesn't belong. I built Glorium as a better way to do filler text. Based on the context you're working on, whether it be medicine or sports, Glorium generates filler text that's contextual - that is, the text reads like it's related to the industry you're designing for. It's a small detail, but I think it's important in making your designs feel authentic and natural. I built Glorium over a one week vacation from work, where I locked myself in my office for a week straight and emerged with a completed product. I've found it's better to take a continuous block of time off to work on your passion project then to hack away on it every weekend, where with every passing weekend, your motivation diminishes a bit. I think it's something I might try more often. I really enjoyed building this one. If you have any questions about process or feedback on the app, I'd love to hear it.
Mario Hall
Mario Hall@nadomars · Co-Founder / Designer @CymbalFM
This is an awesome idea! I hate thinking of filler text but would never put latin in my designs. Any plans for a trial? Would love to check it out before buying, just to see how it works.
Mo Bitar
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
@nadomars maybe it might be a good idea to put some sample output in the description. Would that be helpful?