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Hi Product Hunters !! The Globewhere team has been working on apps and websites for a while now and they are super excited to share it today ! GlobeWhere is a uniquely tailored trip-planner. It allows you to plan your trips without stress. GlobeWhere organizes every detail of your trip easily and goes with you wherever you go. With just a few clicks : - Create your trip in a few minutes - View and add activities to your trip easily - Check your itinerary on the interactive map - Directly estimate your budget - Get tips from your friends : Use recommendations from your friends and the GlobeWhere community. A great opportunity to create a unique trop without missing the best places. - …then, take all this information away with you via the application (without using up your data plan) Encouraged by many agencies, they decided to go further in their development by offering this service to tourism professionals too. GlobeWhere pay particular attention to its design, so let them know what you think ! They’re super excited to hear your feedback and questions.
Hi P-Hunters ! The team is so proud and happy to be featured on ProductHunt. Maxime and I are really thankful for your recognition. We are ready to answer to your questions ;) Enjoy your trip !
@juuup Really like the concept! Pretty funny, I'm actually about to embark on a five destination trip and am really kicking the tires with GlobeWhere. It has some great potential. Though, I do wish things linked to a tripadvisor/google place/etc. while your curate and grow your base information. Great job!
@asherraph thank you ! Where will you go exactly? As you probably saw, some of our destination get more activities than other. We are still doing our best to find more qualified datas to improve our response. What are you precisely thinking about when you speak about linking with TA or Google ?
Hey @, GlobeWhere is interesting for travel budgeting. I sent you an email from vinish dot garg at vhite doc com. Thanks!
Hi @vingar , We didn't received your email. But as you know, we read your post on in23hours ;) Thank you again !
@juuup I had sent it to the same email ID where we exchanged a couple of emails for translation stuff, on 22 June. Remember? It was from your uservoice account, tickets at globewhere dot uservoice dot com! :)
@vingar Oh exactly ;) And you spoke with Maxime ! Sorry about that, I didn't made the link.
@juuup @vingar Just curious to know if you have linked GlobeWhere to its knowledgebase at: