Marketplace for live streaming were any one can get payed.

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Hey hunters, Glober is a unique on-demand service that enables users all over the world to request, create and watch live streams and pay each other simultaneously. Viewers can request live streams of any point of interest and have more control over the interactive stream. Content creators are able to monetize their location and knowledge, get paid for the high quality video streams they offer and accept tips during the stream or thereafter. Let us know what you think in comments below!
Cool! Waiting to see Paris!
@valeriy_grabko try to request a live stream! maybe there is someone in Paris already)))
Absolutely cool product!
Can you please highlight the differences with Facebook live streaming and Periscope?
@habitloopio Sure. besides the best quality and almost 0 seconds connection delay, there are 2 main differences. 1 - it's on demand. you can request a live stream of the specific location. 2 - you can earn money during the stream and after. We allow anyone to accept tips and get payed for streaming live.
NICEE! Waiting to see the Olympics